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Who Is Pixie?

A little bit about Pixie

Pixie Monroe is the high-energy founder and CEO of Monroe Casting and Production Services, Inc. Under her knowledgeable eye, she has overseen casting for everything from high-impact blockbusters to modest, independent productions.

An active member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Local #399 Casting Directors Union, Entertainment Industries Council (PRISM AWARDS) and Commercial Casting Directors Association, Pixie also served on the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Women In Media bringing her unique vision and presence to the group. Pixie has proudly served as a judge for the Blue Ribbon Daytime Emmy Awards and Directing Change Contest for High School students throughout the state of California.


Development and Marketing Specialist

One of the newest (and cutest) members of Monroe Casting, Maddie has all the spunk to draw in client attention and is ready to use cuddles to keep it! She was born in Harrisonburg, VA, near her namesake James Madison University. Maddie’s Maltese sparkle and Southern charm caught Pixie’s eye, and her shared birthday week with both her late Grandpa and late Maltese sister Bailey sealed the deal. Adventurous and curious, Maddie loves to explore anything and everything! Now that she is in her forever home with her sister Macie, Maddie is ready for plenty of adventures in Hollywood!


Development and Marketing Specialist

The other newest (and cutest) member of Monroe Casting, Macie decided to join the team alongside her sister, Maddie, because two is always better than one! Born in Harrisonburg, VA, Macie also shares her birthday week with both her late Grandpa and late Maltese sister Bailey. Small and mighty, Macie is a nurturer, and loves nothing more than a good belly rub! Described as “the Marilyn Monroe of Maltese” this poised Southern lady is the perfect addition to the Monroe Casting family, and she’s ready to head to set. Get ready Hollywood, Macie is ready for her close-up!
In Memory Of: Bailey
Ms. Bailey’s Southern-bred hospitality and playful Maltese personality most definitely drew out the very best in our clients and guests of all ages. Bailey was always on the go—when she wasn’t entertaining clients and jetting around Hollywood with Pixie, she loved playing with her fellow furry friends, taking long walks on the dog beach, loading up her VIP frequent flyer miles with trips to the East Coast, and spending time with her beloved Grandparents and family.

Bailey peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge in March 2022—two days after her 17th birthday. Now, she uses her well-earned angel wings to keep an eye on things, especially Pixie and her new sister, Maddie.

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