Rob Saterlee

Graphic Artist

Dating back to childhood Rob always enjoyed all types of artistic endeavors.

As a child, Rob spent much of his time taking art classes that involved drawing, pastels, painting, and ceramics. His creative outlook on life has allowed him to use his hands to solve all types of problems. Growing up his artistic talents allowed Rob to explore architecture, remodeling, and landscaping. Rob’s keen eye for attention to detail has brought success in many ways.

Rob received a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership. He is currently working on his master’s degree in Management of Information Systems. Rob has been in the Information Technology industry for nearly 20 years. Originally in the graphic arts industry, Rob becomes fascinated with computers when the first desktop publishing system was delivered to the printing shop. From that, Rob now manages an Information Technology team that includes a Help Desk, Web Development and Network Team at the local state university.

Rob resides in the Midwest most of his life and has never lost his love for art. Rob enjoys visiting art galleries, museums and attending theatrical events to keep his mind challenged. Currently Rob enjoys documenting his friend’s life events in storyboard cartoons. Such artistic work creates a comical view to a person’s daily life and allows them to smile at their own personal quirks, current challenges and past successes.

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